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Ulzzang ‘Natural’ Make Up.

17 Mar


Flawless Face

  • Perfect skin is one of the most important aspects. Spend a lot of time making sure your concealer and foundation is perfect.
  • Using cheek colour is not needed, however you may find is useful to apply a very sheer amount of baby pink blusher over the apples of the cheeks to achive this look. Make sure it look ‘natural’ or you’ll be a clown.
  • Never use any kind of bronzer. If you want some colour on your face use pink blusher.
  • I recommend using a BB cream, which will help you achive a simular skin colour to them, which is very pale.
  • Liquid highlighters can be used all over the face to give the impression of glowing skin.But, only use a very tiny amount for this purpose.

    Some other notes on highlighting:

    • Using highlighter on the brige of the nose will make it look higher.
    • Using highlighter on the apples of the cheeks will emphasise the young doll appearance.  Do not emphasise sharp cheekbones, sharp features do not compliment this look.
    • Using highlighter on the forehead can make your forehead seem more prominent. This makes you look more child-like, which is what we are aiming for respectivly. Apply to the center of the forehead and just above the eyebrows.

Ulzzang eyes

  • ALL ulzzangs wear iris enlarging contact lenses called circle lenses. All colours are used, but on my opinions use brown or black for a natural look.
  • Eyelashes –  most ulzzangs I have seen do not wear false eyelashes at all, So if you want to look ‘Natural’ skip the fake eyelashes.
  • A thin coating of mascara is used to define the eyelashes, but no curling is used because the line of the upper eye shape is to maintain the droopy eye look; curling spoils the shape.

Natural contouring eyeshadow colours are used – no glitter or bright colours. Brown eyeshadow just above where the eyelid crease folds in will make your eyes look deeper by giving the illusion of a contour.

Look closely just above her eye. The dark mark you see is brown eyeshadow.
For the most part, eyes are kept very natural with sometimes a very thin line above the eyelashes drawn with gel liner or liquid liner. do not make the line too thick. Like in these pictures, the line should be very very natural and follow the shape of your eye.

  • Inner corners are defined by very very lightly using pencil eyeliner
  • Same with the lower lashline/waterline. Make sure it is not a thick black line. it should be very faint.
  • Eyebrows are straight and thick. You never see an ulzzang without straight eyebrows.

Note: eyelid glue should be used if you do not have a fold in your eyelid if you have single eyelids.


  • In almost all pictures of ulzzangs I have seen, red/pink natural flushed looking lips are prominent.
  • Clear gloss is sometimes used.
  • A very popular lip product in Korea is called the Tony Tint by a brand called tonymoly or Darling Angel by Etude House Brand.

Example of how tonytint & darling angel looks when applied. Her lips look like the ulzzangs lips.

  • Tints like these are useful to provide a natural, long lasting ulzzang lips look. Having red/pink tinted lips is extremely important to look like a ‘doll’.
  • Apply the tint on the centre of the lips.

We’re Done!~ ❤


Author: Minhi, Admin of Ulzzang Jjang.


Ulzzang Contest March

8 Mar

Contests end March 19 2011 if enough applications..end early..

Application form for ulzzang with spiffiest style
-Favorite Music:
– Status: single/taken
– Account (for other appilcant’s that doesnt have gaia) : twitter, myspace, youtube.. etc)
-4 max picture.
*NOTE: you do not have to be asian to enter*


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